Guangzhou International Industrial Automation Technology and Equipment Exhibition

Guangzhou International Industrial Automation Technology and Equipment Exhibition
-- G41, Pavilion 10.2, Zone B, Canton Fair Pavilion

Industrial automation is one of the most important technologies in the field of modern manufacturing, focusing on promoting the deep integration of digital, intelligent and network technology and manufacturing. Comply with the industrial development trend of smart, constantly perfect digital system, a new SIAF come on March 3, 2022 in guangzhou exhibition center opened.

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Navigation with electrical exciting at guangzhou international industrial automation technology and equipment exhibition (SIAF), the exhibition, our company through the RPV upright type spring terminals, RUT rated voltage 1 kv, RUK screw terminal type terminals, terminal blocks, PCB IO module, etc. Series of products, to the vast number of users to share product technology, with high quality air quality cast, Committed to provide professional electrical connection solutions for partners.

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The show hit
If you didn't come to the exhibition site or missed the opportunity to have close contact with airlines due to the epidemic, don't worry, please follow the editor to feel the atmosphere of the scene.

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Top Contact Push-in Spring Cage Din Rail Terminal block
The wiring is directly inserted from the top, which can be directly connected with solid wire or prefabricated wire with cold pressing connector without tools;
● The use of orange wire removal button, without direct contact with live parts can be used to loosen the wire with various tools to ensure safe wiring and operation;
● In addition to the test mechanism in the dual-function shaft, it also provides an additional test connection. On the basis of the original bridge, another test hole is added to have a more convenient detection function.

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Side contact Push-in Spring Cage DIN Rail Terminal Block
With side contact mode, the wire can be quickly connected without the help of tools, simple and convenient operation, time saving and labor saving, maintenance free;
● Clear wiring and no bending radius, can realize the vertical wiring between the wiring terminal and the line slot, easier to paste and read the cable mark;
● Excellent anti-vibration ability, plug plug type bridge installation is convenient, can quickly achieve safe and reliable power and signal connection.

Screw Connection DIN Rail Terminal Block
Double channel bridge Wells, easier to bridge and test;
● Unified bridge, marking and testing accessories, save more cost;
● Due to the double channel bridge well, the same accessories can be freely combined with direct insert, screw, spring and other connection technology.

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An interface element that can be used as a peripheral device for process control to match and connect control, signal and regulating devices;
● Suitable for different voltage and power range;
● Control end signal loss is small, not affected by position, high switching frequency, no mechanical parts, no contact jitter, long life, not afraid of vibration, high insulation voltage;

Heavy-duty rectangular connector
The heavy-duty connector has been CE certified, CQC certified and cape tested. All materials used have relevant RoHS reports;
● Rated current: 10-25A, rated voltage: 250V(AC), instantaneous current 100A*5s Connector no abnormality; Insulation resistance ≥10000M ω;
● Good sealing performance, protection class up to IP65. Mechanical cycle life ≥ 1000 times, pin holding force in the core ≥100N;
● Male plug and female plug to plug connection, convenient installation and maintenance;

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Socket Modules
With fast interface, fast connection;
● With status indicator light, easy to maintain and debug;
● Special servo terminal, easy to series PLC and servo system;
● Compact relay module, to achieve the best installation space;
● Innovative installation and release structure.

Screw, spring and other connection technology optional, flexible;
● A variety of needle distance and digit optional, wide application range;
● Fixed and pluggable connectors with 2 to 24 screw or spring connections;
● Excellent material, high reliability and stability;
● For signal or power transmission in various industrial applications.

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